Beautiful Sri Lanka: Our wedding day in Paradise

How do you even begin to describe the best day of your life?

I’m not sure so this is going to mostly be pictures. We had the most incredible day of both our entire lives. Everything about it suited us down to a tee.

It started with getting up around 8am out of excitement, putting on my bikini, having a delightfully light breakfast and then spending the next few hours in the swimming pool.

People kept coming up to us both and asking if we’re OK – um, why wouldn’t we be? We’re both so relaxed at this point it’s ridiculous…

Mr Man disappeared for a couple of hours. Turned out he was having a massage next door!

All of the girls spent the morning either getting massages or having mani-pedis from the hairdresser who bought her entire team along to help out pre-wedding. Never ever have I had such an outstanding beauty session – at one point I had three people working on me! One massaging my arms (surprisingly super nice), another doing my pedicure, another on my manicure. The girls rotated between mani-pedis and massages whilst I just sat there and enjoyed the day and let everything happen around me. It was brilliant to see everyone having such a great time already.

My sister being pampered from head to toe

My Mum commented that in all my life she has never seen me that relaxed and chilled out, on the one day she expected me to be in a massive stress.

And then I realised it was 2:30pm and we were getting married in two hours… nope, still too chilled out to be bothered by this.

Hair gets done. I managed to lose the picture of exactly how I wanted it done so had to make-do with explaining (not very well) so my hair wasn’t how I’d pictured it. I just sucked it up and got over that fact as it came out with so much more volume than I could ever give it. It was extremely hot and humid that day but she managed to make it look straight and lovely for the time that mattered (later on the dance floor is a different story!!).

Nearly ready...

Next thing I know I’m an hour away from walking down the aisle, photographer is desperate to get some pics of me by myself but I hadn’t started on my make-up yet. Luckily I had practised a lot in the weeks leading up to the wedding so it didn’t take too long. A couple of friends popped in at various points and we had some really special moments together, including friend R coming in at exactly the right time to help me into my dress.

Friend R and I moments before the big event.

Photos were taken and before I know it we’re 10 minutes away from the ceremony. Yikes!

Right at the very second when I’m thinking how much I could do with an ice-cold drink, the manager of the Frangipani Tree, Robyn, came up to me and asked if I needed anything. She takes one look at me and says “I’ll get you a lime and soda.” She couldn’t have read my mind any better if she’d tried.

Me, Dad and a perfectly timed lime and soda...

Lime and soda in, a few minutes with Mum and a great chat with Dad and we’re ready.

Olly, one of my oldest friends and also a part-time professional violinist was playing the music for the ceremony and that added touch made everything so special. WOW. Thinking about it still gives me tingles.

Dad signalled to him, I come out of our villa and we walk our way out onto the aisle which was dotted with water lillies and frangipani flowers. The waves were crashing really loudly and were the backdrop to Olly’s beautiful Pachabel’s Canon which started the moment he and I locked eyes. It sounded exquisite. I hope I never ever forget that memory.

I don't know how to describe this picture. If only I could add the music with the waves behind it in!

The aisle was long and curved at the end. For most of it I could see all of my favourite people in the entire world cheering us on, some bawling their eyes out! The sun was on its descent and Mr Man was waiting at the other end. As I turned the corner there he was. Smiling away at me, looking so wonderful in his white shirt, sand coloured trousers and sandals with the world’s biggest grin on this face. I knew immediately that we were doing the right thing.

So happy.

The ceremony was very much an official civil ceremony which we kind of had to guide the Sri Lankan registrar through but it was good all the same. It was over in about 15 minutes and we couldn’t stop beaming the whole way through.

Afterwards passionfruit martinis and canapes were served whilst pictures were taken. Everyone was having a great day and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Passionfruit martini

Some of our guests (I think having a good time!).

The reception continued for a couple of hours then it was dinner time. The food – a selection of grilled seafood, salads and curries was the best we had in Sri Lanka, particularly the giant prawns which many thought were actually lobsters. Wedding cake was banana cake done by the same lady who’d made the birthday cakes the night before so therefore super.

The speeches, beautiful. Olly kind of became the Best Man in a sea of girls and did a fantastic speech as did my Dad who made me cry from the words he said (I’d held it together up until that point). It became a bit like Bridesmaids with everyone wanting to have their say afterwards! But wonderful, everything about it.

First dance for us was LOVE by Nat King Cole. They kept teasing us saying we’d had dance lessons. We definitely hadn’t.

And we partied into the night. At one point I looked over and several of my friends were dancing in the pool; my mother in law was violently shaking one of my friends saying she’s smart and pretty and to stop crying (oh dear!); at the other end some were setting off lanterns into the sky with messages wishing us a happy life.

If going by the first day of married life, I think it is going to be a very happy one. Life is good huh?

There we are, husband and wife!


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10 responses to “Beautiful Sri Lanka: Our wedding day in Paradise

  1. Aw what a lovely post, happiness exudes from the pictures. My favourite is the last one, just gorgeous. Congratulations on your wedding x

  2. dancingdevil

    Magical day for magical couple!
    Happiness forever…xxx

  3. Wow! I’m so glad your day was all you had hoped it would be and more. All the very best to you both for your future married life together. x

  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding. Best wishes to you both in your future together.

    Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party. You can find me at

  5. What a happy bride, and I loved the blue dress! Too bad I couldn’t see your new husband’s face, but I’m sure you’ll include some later on.
    I have a friend in California who is from Sri Lanka, and is there as we speak, visiting friends and family. He is so modest about how great his singing voice is, and he has no idea he is handsome. So unspoiled. So nice.
    Best wishes for a great marriage. The secret is really becoming one. When you are one, you respect each other and put each other first.

  6. Such a lovely post, I even got a bit teary! Gorgeous gress and great song choice, I hope your marriage is as beautiful as this day was for you!
    Visiting from the Tea Party.

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